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Telstra IoT Data SIM Plans

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by Reeena Chandel

Telstra IoT Data SIM Plans

Students sometimes feel that posting in online discussion forums or on blogs creates extra work without adding much value. With this activity the value is clear: each student contributes a few posts over the course of the term and receives in exchange an extensive resource in a format that lends itself to review and self-testing. By asking students to identify key course concepts beginning early in the term, this activity also encourages them to think critically about how material covered in the reading assignments and in lecture relates to larger course themes. Although it will work for strictly factual data and will be valuable to students in courses that require memorization, the format easily accommodates more analytical content (e.g., close reading analysis of a short passage). Students who may be uncertain about what is expected or nervous about applying a particular method of analysis on test day can practice with items that classmates have already identified as important. They will also benefit from seeing how other students approach the same material. This activity also creates a useful resource for the instructor, who can consult the blog to see which ideas and information students understand and which they need help with.