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TelstraDev have implemented a new feature limitation on our Messaging API Free Trial that restricts the end recipients of messages you can send on the free trial. We refer to these as 'B' recipients (with your virtual subscription referred to as the 'A' number)


Developer accounts on the free trial will only be able to send SMS and MMS to FIVE (5) dedicated recipient mobile numbers. This is a necessary measure for us to ensure the free trial remains a safe, secure way for our developers to test and validate their business solutions with critical communications.


If you receive the error message, you have tried to send a free trial message to a 'B' number that is not registered on your account: 


"Free Trial apps are only allowed to send to specified destination numbers. Verify that all your destination numbers are in your list.";

You should provision the set of valid 'B' recipients using the Bnum API endpoint. You can find this endpoint in our API Documentation under "Free Trial" and in the Postman collection under "Getting Started".


Why the change?

As the Messaging API product evolves (WOW it's been 3 years already!) we need to continue providing value to our developers and ensuring the product is used in a safe and secure manner. Limiting the number of recipients is one way to do that, without impacting your ability to test the required functionality of our API. 

Who can I send to?

It is highly recommended that you select your own mobile number as the first B number, so you can send and receive test messages to yourself.

You may not need to use the other 4 B-numbers, however you may like to test the functionality on other carriers or to international destinations to prove the value of the service.

Does this apply to ALL accounts?

No, only free trial developer accounts created after 7 August 2020

How do I set my recipent numbers?

We have added a new API endpoint

Register your max 5 ‘B’ numbers using this POST call. You can send this call multiple times, until the max 5 numbers has been reached. Once 5 Bnumbers have been registered, there is no way to override them and subsequent attempts to register Bnums will fail. You are not able to change the list of registered B numbers after registering 5, so we recommend you include your own number to ensure that you can send and receive meaningful test messages while using the free trial. You can check which numbers have been registered by using the below GET/bnum call, but you are unable to change them.


What if I want to change my registered recipients list?

Unfortunately you cannot edit the recipient list once it has been provisioned. We recommend adding your personal mobile number as the first B-number to ensure you can continue to test the functionality.


For more details on the inclusions of our Free vs Paid subscriptions of the Messaging API, check out our documentation: